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Who we are

We are a team whose experience is rooted in both the Film and Game Industries. We have always wanted to work on our own games, and thanks in part to recent events, have found an opportunity to pursue our dream of making amazing games that balance gameplay, graphics, and powerful narrative. We are creative artists and have been the linchpins of overly ambitious projects in the past. We are a small, quirky group of enthusiasts, and we are dedicated to making the most immersive, decision-oriented games ever designed by an independent development team.

The Technology

We consider ourselves, primarily, to be Cryengineers. Thus we use Cryengine, which was created by Crytek. We have seen the amazing things the engine is capable of throughut our careers, and we have extensive experience using the engine to develop amazing visuals. We use Cryengine because of our experience with it, and because of their ever-increasing efforts to make the engine the best out there. With a project as ambitious as our debut game, and for a small team like ours, the engine fits our game like a hand into a well-worn glove.

Our Aspiration

Our goal is to make as immersive a gaming experience as is possible. We want to blur the line between what is considered an Indie and a AAA game. We want to create exciting, engaging, and terrifying stories, which are aimed at allowing players to come up with solutions to problems creatively and organically, rather than being confined to linear problem-solving. This is a huge goal, but with the power of Cryengine, and Crytek’s continuing support of Cryengine V, we are confident that we can achieve all this and maybe even more in the near future.