Transient Light Studio

We are an independant video game development studio based in Los Angeles, CA, and founded by three artists. Each of us has experience in both the Game and Film industries, with each of us having training in numorous capacities. We are working on our first independent game project using Cryengine, titled Dark Vale.



Ryan Schake
Position: Ceo, Founder, Writer, Lead artist, Gameplay designer

Ryan grew up in countryside of Virginia in the United States. From the time he was twelve he has been interested in modding games, and started with the Total War series in 2002. When Crysis came out (along with its Sandbox editor) he was hooked. He created multiple small mods in his spare time, learning how to create my his own models, textures and effects. When he was nineteen he decided to go to Full Sail University for Game Art, however he was unable to finish due to monetary issues. Shortly after leaving University, he got his first job in the Film Industry doing Pre-viz with a game engine for 20th Century Fox.

He had been working in the film and game industries for around 6 years (Until 2016) including research and development in a number of VR only experiences. In July of 2016 he began working fulltime on his dream project, Dark Vale!



Ken Chiang
Position: CFO, Founder, Investor, Rigger, Animator, Coordinator

Ken started his career as a traditional illustrator graduating from California State Long Beach, he then pursued further education at Gnomon School of VFX. There he found a passion for rigging. After graduating from Gnomon, Ken went on to work in many different fields within the entertainment industry, from pre visualization, to post, to video games. There he quickly understood the importance of an efficient and well established pipeline as well as the importance of leading a team from start to completion. What Ken brings to Transient Light Studios is his 6 years of industry experience, his knowledge of pipeline automation, character and prop rigging, character modelling, animation, illustration and concept art, as well as website creation and seed money for the project.



Daniel Tozzi Romero
Position: CMO, Founder, 3D Artist, Visual Design, Manager

He was born and raised in Brazil, and moved to the USA around 2010, where he started his college days at Full Sail University, graduating with a Game Arts Bachelor degree. It was there where he started his passion for 3D modeling, mainly as an environment and prop artist, and also where he met Ryan. Jumping around a few jobs in the following years and polishing out ideas with Ryan eventually led to him moving to California and meeting Ken, it didn’t take long for the three of them to form up Transient Light Studios and focus completely in pursuing their dream of creating state of the art games, and be their own bosses, bringing their ideas to fruition. It's been a long road, but completely worth it, and he definitely looking forward to continuing this long adventurous road towards ever greater prospects!




Louis Strongin
Position: 3D Artist

Born and raised in California, Louis has been a life long gamer and became interested in creating games as far back as 1998. Originally starting with an interest in game programming, he quickly realized he much prefered content creation and has been creating 3D assets ever since. While he is largely self tought, after graduating high school he enrolled at the Art Institute of California - Orange County to improve upon his skill set. While there he learned many aspects of not only game design but film production including film editing, compositing, and motion capture. Since graduating in 2009 he has tailored and refined his work in 3D modeling as well as concept art.
He has been working professionally in both film and games since 2010 and continues to strive to create the highest quality of content.



Richard Goulet
Position: Sound Designer

Richard was born and raised in Southern Ontario, Canada, where he currently resides. His interest in computers and audio started early, when he was introduced to Scream Tracker. This led to a hobby of creating electronic music, using Jeskola Buzz and Cubase. This however remained a basement hobby as creating music was difficult without any training in music theory. In 2012 he was given the opportunity to design sound effects for some game mods, where his interest in computer audio and video games sparked a passion for sound design. Soon, creating sound effects became as tactile a process as sculpting clay. The link between imagination and realization was no longer severed by the lack of musical training. He is now versed in middleware such as FMOD and Wwise, where he specializes in dynamic interactive audio. Despite having cutting edge software and digital processing at his disposal, Richard often prefers using old techniques pioneered by the great sound designers in film history, and seeks to observe their work when in need of inspiration.



Where we started

Most of us began our careers in the film industry. During our tenures, we utilized various game engines to see if we could improve the standard of visualization in cinema, and to further improve the standards of previsualization within those engines

Why we started

Working in the Entertainment Industry is highly illuminating, and a fantastic experience, overall. However, we have become dissatisfied with the manner that it was structured, and the arbitrary limits that are placed upon development. As such, we pooled our knowledge and resources to discover what we could accomplish in a short time. We want to make our mark on the industry, and we are working hard to bring our unique project to life.

Our development

In the middle of July 2016 we began full-time development of Dark Vale, turning what had been a side project into a prototype. We have since been working incredibly hard to achieve a quality that we can be proud of, and we have made massive strides. We hope to continue progressing and show the entire world what can be accomplished with Cryengine, even with a very small, independent team.


of combined experience in the entertainment industry